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Health Care Proxies

A Health Care Proxy allows you to appoint a Health Care Agent you trust to make decisions for you in the event that you become either temporarily or permanently incapacitated or unable to make them for yourself. Most people do not know how to begin planning for such an event and usually prefer not to think about the possibility that they may ever find themselves in a situation where they are unable to communicate their desires. However, it is important to realize that sometimes unfortunate events such as sickness can befall us or our loved ones and it is in our best interests to be prepared.


It is important to think about what you would want for yourself and if you would or would not want the aid of life support if you were to ever enter into a vegetative state, became comatose, etc. Discussing your wishes with a loved one you trust enough to appoint as your Health Care Agent can help them make medical decisions for you which are in alignment with your personal values and desires if there is ever a situation where you cannot make them for yourself.